Ananda Bundles

Ananda Bundles


Ananda Bundles, an elegantly simple collection of tools to accompany a life's journey ...

pinch pot:
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Your Ananda Bundle will arrive beautifully packaged, an instruction booklet with suggestions for use of the elements included.  The Bundle includes a smoke fired pinch pot (choose a light or dark body) rests on a forged copper ring; hematite sand supports leaves of burning sage; a customized Moleskin journal with a hand-plied linen cord marker with a fine silver and trade bead pull, bound with an organic Indian cotton strip, indigo dyed with a fine silver bead; a Ticonderoga #2 pencil; a fine silver pendulum swings from hand-plied silk cord with a forged sterling loop at the top; a 1 ml vial of 'Awakening' Intuitive Perfume oil; a Lemurian quartz point.

My intention is these tools will encourage you to begin a conversation with your deeper self,  accessing guidance, gaining clarity and peace.