Lemurian quartz point 5

Lemurian quartz point 5


Golden Lemurian quartz point; approximately 3/4" x 2"

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I'm quite new to the world of Lemurian quartz.  A few months ago, I went in search of new crystals for my home altar and for meditation.  I wondered around the supplier's warehouse and was immediately drawn to this beautiful crystal.  I love to run my thumb along it's ridges during meditation and always hold one in my non-dominant hand during free-writing sessions.

Lemurian quartz has a high, but very gentle, vibrational quality ... similar to why I was drawn to the celestite crystal clusters.  There's lots of information online about crystals and their properties.    Lately, I've really been enjoying Energy Muse and their new book Crystal Muse is a terrific resource.

The ones I've selected here are a bit larger than the ones included in the bundles.  The way I see it, you can never have too much good juju working for you.  Golden Leumurian quartz points bring loads of high, but gentle, energy to your practice.

I am a long way from being any kind of expert and just go by what I'm drawn towards.  And that's my advice for you ... rather than "figuring it out", follow your heart and go towards where your drawn.

Hmmmm, that's pretty much how to lead a beautiful life as well!