tea light block #6

tea light block #6


Super organic, perfectly wabi-sabi tea light blocks ... this one terracotta.

Roughly 2 1/4" cube, cold glazed with wax based pigment.

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I've pounded solid blocks of clay, terracotta and white earthenware, on the rugged surface of my concrete driveway into rough cube forms.  The textures and folds and irregularities arose naturally during the forming process.  They're enormously tactile, a beautiful addition to your altars or tabletop and especially lovely in groups.

While the blocks were drying, some began to crack, a fissure opening up along one side as they dried.  Initially bummed, I soon saw the cracks as an opportunity to try out a version of the Japanese technique of 'kintsugi' ... healing cracks and broken objects with lacquer and gold to highlight and celebrate the object.

I used watered down fine silver metal clay (slip) to fill slowly fill the cracks ... add some slip, let it dry and shrink, add some more and then more until the fissure was filled.  Then I dipped my thumb in the slip and added a thumbprint to the side.  The blocks were refired, after cooling the silver was polished, the blocks colored with the wax based pigment and buffed again.  What was broken, now healed and celebrated.