Magpie Talisman :: Heart & Soul

Magpie Talisman :: Heart & Soul


A treasure trove of elements:  fine silver medallions and charms, raw gemstones, sea glass and pebbles.  32" sterling faceted bead chain with forged hook and link clasp.

Very much one-of-a-kind.  More details below ...

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The day after the "Great American Eclipse" I was compelled to sit down at my work table and start pulling out Talisman elements.  What followed over the next few days was a blissful burst of creating this trio Magpie Talismans.  I was lost for many hours, assembling and taking apart and reassembling various elements, drilling gemstones and pebbles and sea glass, trying new ways of linking objects, making every effort to keep my thinking mind out of the equation and work solely through my intuition.

And I am utterly smitten with my results ...

Heart and Soul was the second Magpie Talisman to emerge.  The palette is very connected to the heart and the sea, Goddess inspired and seems to vibrate at a very high level.  It is bright and shiny, all fine silver elements combined with hand-hewn lapis, Chinese turquoise, sea glass, raw rubies and ruby tourmaline, sodalite, herkimer diamond and rutilated quartz.

The "Magpie" blessing written on indigo dyed muslin, "For all time, for I am without end" wrapped with silks and waxed linen, a mustard seed tucked within.

... a magical and inspiring piece.