sparkly pinch pot 2

sparkly pinch pot 2


A tiny, ceremonial pinch pot pinched from white earthenware clay, fired with a sprinkle of crushed glass.  Sits atop a sterling silver metal clay ring.

3 1/4" across x 1 1/2" deep

For decorative use only, not food safe.

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Making pinch pots is one of my favorite things and indigo is one of newest favorite things.  I got a bit adventurous with this series ... this little one has a sprinkle of crushed glass fired onto the clay.  The firing temperature is well beyond the melting point of the glass, which causes the glass to melt into colorful pools.  Then, for a bit more experimentation, I dipped the little pot in my indigo vat for a lovely light wash of indigo blue.

To make this series even more special, I made sterling silver metal clay ring bases ... each one unique, each one pinched into shape leaving the raw edges ... just like the earthenware clay vessels.