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A beautiful fragrance created with the intention of awakening the third eye and crown chakra, a lush and complex blend.  

A 1ml sample size of Awakening is included in my Ananda Bundles, but is also available now in the 4ml size. The 4ml size is tucked into an indigo dyed vintage homespun linen pouch.

opopanax, myrrh, vetiver, clary sage, cypress, lavender, jasmine, blood orange

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What sets my Intuitive Perfume Oil blends apart and makes them unique ...

For each blend, I first set an intention. Then I select the oils with my eyes closed, placing each oil over my heart and asking for guidance as a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ if that oil is to be included. When I’ve gone through all the oils, I repeat the process for proportions. Once I have the oils and quantities, I ask if the blend is complete or if any adjustments need to be made. It’s only then that I look up the oils to confirm if my intention has been met. Without fail, spirit always guides my heart and honors my intentions and for that I am deeply grateful.