OPEN for

OPEN for

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Open for is inspired by an exquisite perfume created by a long time friend.  On the verge of running out of this beloved scent, I contacted my friend ... she was no longer making perfume!  She graciously shared her ingredient list and I went through my spirit guided process to create my own, new and different blend.

4ml / .14oz roll on tucked into an indigo dyed vintage homespun linen pouch

peru balsam, clary sage, lavender, vetiver, lime

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What sets my Intuitive Perfume Oil blends apart and makes them unique ...

For each blend, I first set an intention. Then I select the oils with my eyes closed, placing each oil over my heart and asking for guidance as a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ if that oil is to be included. When I’ve gone through all the oils, I repeat the process for proportions. Once I have the oils and quantities, I ask if the blend is complete or if any adjustments need to be made. It’s only then that I look up the oils to confirm if my intention has been met. Without fail, spirit always guides my heart and honors my intentions and for that I am deeply grateful.