shifting the energy

It started yesterday morning on my walk - a long overdue visit to the Arboretum and an early morning jaunt along the trails and creeks.  In my mind I was going over the 'silk panic' of last week and thinking about the tasks ahead.  I have big plans for my jewelry and a lot to do to accomplish those big ideas.  Of course, I tend to fret over every detail.  In the midst of fretting and plotting and walking and listening to the woodland chorus, I thought "there are no wrong choices".  This isn't exactly a new idea, but I could feel the deep and timely resonance it held for me at that moment.  My fretting began to subside and I was able to enjoy the rest of my walk feeling much lighter ... a blessed shift from the worries of last week.

I was also enormously buoyed by the wonderful response to my component sale.  Through the day, I assembled and packed, printed shipping labels and loaded up my mailbox with little treasures on their way to new homes.  The rest of the afternoon, I kept an eye on the mailbox ... some of my 'test' silk was due to arrive.  When the mail did run, I made a beeline for the box and, boy howdy, if it didn't just turn into Christmas in September for lil' ol' me.  There was the first batch of silk from Habu Textiles.  I even like the cardboard cones it's spooled on.  Light gray and dark brown, aren't they lovely?

I got an email today that the back-ordered skein of black is shipping today.  I can't wait to try it out for cord-making.

But even more better, jammed into my mailbox after their long trek from London, was the bulk of the Selvedge back issues I ordered last month.  Three more came today, which leaves two that I hope will arrive tomorrow.  It's all I can do to not just plop myself down and disappear into the glorious pages.  Their sale is still on, so it's a great opportunity to try it out.  Fair warning ... it's insanely addictive.  I've canceled all my other magazine subscriptions - this is by a long shot, hands down, far and away, the most inspirational periodical that I have found.  Absolutely delicious.

As I was taking these snaps, it seemed appropriate to include a couple more sensory delights.  While my cup of sublime thé coquelicot  (poppy flower tea we bought in Provence) was steeping, I ran outside to snap a couple of garden pics.  This color combination - deep orange, red and purple, has been thrilling me for days ...

And then I realized I never introduced you to our newest member of the family!  I'd like you to meet Errol, the flying pig ...

Errol's fairly petite, but ever so dashing (hence the name), and supremely fashionable with his blue toes, red suit and ochre wings.  Errol was a present from Dave's mom and now resides amidst the oregano and mint, crocosmia and portulaca.

One other 'Christmas in September' goodie from yesterday - I found out that my favorite author, William Gibson has a new book.  Turns out my favorite book, Pattern Recognition, was the start of a trilogy.  His new one, Zero History, is the final book.  I was just about to order the new one, then got to thinking that I'd see if the library had it and, incredibly there was a copy available at one of the branches.  I immediately put in a request for it and then snagged a copy of #2, Spook Country, at a different branch.  I read Spook Country when it came out and it's not my favorite, but it will be good to refresh my memory before reading the new one.  Perfect!  Now I don't have to blast to the bookstore for the hardbound ... I much prefer trade size paperbacks anyway.

It's interesting, reading back over this, I must seem like quite a consumer.  What I am is moderately obsessive about a few things - magazines (Selvedge always, Vogue and Marie Claire on occasion) and books (jewelry and some fiction and design - clothing and interiors) and shoes (preferably Trippen or Fiorentini & Baker) and lately, Japanese indigo, oh and must not forget pottery (we have amazing potters in this region) - not necessarily in that order.  Okay, so I am quite a consumer, albeit a very selective one.

It is such a relief  -  my stress level is winding down,  my energy shifting back to the productive track I was on earlier this summer, my mind is starting to clear and with that renewed clarity, the vision of a well intentioned path emerging and the deep knowing of how very blessed I am.

Once again, a big thank you to everyone who dropped by for a visit and a special thanks to those who bought goodies.

with enormous gratitude and many blessings - kvk
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