fun with product shots

I'm feeling like taking pictures of my very much expanded line of jewelry is turning into a life's work.  Progress is being made and even better - yesterday I finally hit on a look.   The key components were found while rooting around looking for props to photograph my little silver box for Andrew's auction.   I rediscovered a couple of beach treasures from Port Townsend - a very cool pot shard and a piece glass slag (glass that's been in a fire) and then added a big chunk of flourite that I had on my table shrine.  I've put a piece of sanded clear plexiglass on my worktable for the background.

BTW, the auction is going through Sunday and there appears to be a bidding war between Katie and Kelli.  Lovin' this - you go girls! 

So, quick like a bunny, I'm taking a small break to share a couple of my favorite images thus far.  Nice thing about the web, I can leave the images dark and rich - the images for the print catalog are bright and crisp.  I'm using a pretty slow shutter speed 'cause I much prefer them dark and lush.

Here's the flourite, followed by the pot shard and then my favorite, the chunk of glass ...

p.s.  this last one's got a speck of schmutz that I need to erase, but I love the look!
Okay, back to work for this little peep.

Once again, a huge thank you to Kelli and Katie.  Anybody else want to jump in?  it's a really sweet little box and such a good cause!

with heartfelt thanks and many blessings - kvk
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