oh yes, me very happy

Oh yes, yes, yes!  Me very happy indeed!  

My latest experiment ... the KVK version of channel setting raw gems.  In this case rough Tunduru sapphires (a mix of andalusite, hessonite, sapphire and garnet) set in a nice size really raw nugget, 34mm x 18mm. 

Especially love this view ...

I haven't decided which way I want to go with the pendant.  I've got several ideas brewing and the possibilites are seeming pretty much endless.  We shall see...

Once I got going on this idea, I headed back to Ebay and did a bit more shopping.  I really do try to stay in the US when I'm buying stuff, but I just couldn't resist these deals ... a 50 carat lot of rough Songea sapphires from Tanzania ($5.50) and 3 ginormous rough gemstone lots, one that's 350 carats of mixed sapphires ($11), nice and clean and slightly tumbled, one 500 carat lot of dark blue sapphires ($12) and one 500 carat lot of rubies ($15).  International shipping is a pretty good deal, usually $8 - $10.  Basically, they're all small stones, 2 - 4mm and look like gemstone gravel - perfect for setting in pmc.  I don't have any where near that many Tunduru sapphires, which is a shame since the colors are so gorgeous, but I'll be on the lookout for sure. 

I'm also very happy because the replacement earrings and components turned out just perfect and will get shipped off on Tuesday.  Always a relief to have repairs done and out the door.

And the third happy thing ... our families were really generous with Amazon gift certificates this year and I just ordered a new set of cookware.  My current set of RevereWare was a wedding present, that would be July 1980.  Needless to say, these pots and pans have served me extremely well, but I can't wait for my new ones!

Oh yes, me very very happy!
Hope you're happy too ...
happy blessings - kvk