full moon, radar sightings and good news

On this day of the full moon, I'm feeling satiated, fully awake, engaged and tingly with anticipation.  The only mystery is how to fit everything in, but I do love a good mystery.  There's just so much!  I've been saving up on my radar sightings - got some gooderns..........

Obsolete - a gallery of exceptionally cool artists and antiquities.  Two of my favorites:
 artist, Dennis Manarchy 

 and from the antiquities, this marionette

Lady Grey Jewelry - especially like the archive
 image from Rackk and Ruin blog

Gots to read more about this image from the NYT article ...

And from the current issue of Selvedge, a gorgeous article about the exquisite home of Chinese designer Ma Ke.  Her clothing is just as amazing.  She's got two brands, Exception de Mixmind and the couture side, Wuyong (useless).  It takes forever to load, but has a switch for English and an equally cool look and work.  The Mixmind site is mostly in Chinese, so it's fun to click on things and see what they are, the music is very cool (techno opera?) and the clothing is heavenly.  Here's two of my favorites images ...

And on a different note ... a while back I had the thought that someone should do a "good news" broadcast or program.  Turns out there's a good news blog - Daily Good: news that inspires - yes, that is very good news!

And some really really good news - Sterling Silver Precious Metal Clay!!!!!!!  I have 75grams of PMC Pro sitting by my worktable.  I've hesitated to use it because of hallmarking issues.  Why on earth Mitsubishi came up with this mystery metal 90% alloy is curious and pretty much annoying.  Turns out I'm not alone with my concerns.  The issue is a big deal in Europe where there's actually a system in place to monitor precious metals and alloys.  So there's an article in the new issue of Metalclay Artist Magazine on how to make and fire sterling silver metal clay.  It's a mix of PMC 3 and PMC Pro (an Artclay version is also in there) and is looking fairly labor intensive, but I'm okay with that.  I'd much rather have a product that is a recognized alloy than a product that requires endless explanation. 

So that's it for now.  Except for one more image ... I love this one of Ma Ke, designer/maker extraordinaire.
sending celestial light and full moon blessings - kvk