the pervasiveness of ochre and ruby

It's been a lovely day ... a chunk of time this morning on the computer and intermittent visits through the day, eating up all the comments and traffic - a novelty for this little blog.  Big plus, I actually got done what I was supposed to be doing and now have a bunch pmc pieces ready to fire tomorrow.  But before I head downstairs to fix our evening meal, I wanted to share the wonderful way my day actually started.

While waiting for my tea water to boil, I padded barefoot outside to do a bit of trimming and deadheading in the flower pots on the front steps.  Coming back in, I noticed all the beautiful seeds from the big red maple up the driveway.  Of course, they're everywhere and I started picking up the most vibrant ones - the color is really exceptional.  Then I noticed that the pansies in the flower pots had the same colors.  So I clipped a matching pansy and carried my treasures in to discover the seeds and the pansies matched my Provencal table runner.

Pouring up my tea water, my gaze traveled over to the fruit basket.  The very ripe mango in the basket was an exact color match to the maple seeds and the pansies and the table runner.  They were all so lovely, I had to take pictures.  While doing a quickie photo setup on my worktable, I realized my favorite mug had the same colors as well.  Oh and aren't the dried rose petals I use in my packaging the very same colors?  Sitting down to load the images and do some editing, I saw that the cushions on my meditation bench were also a perfect match.  Chuckling to myself at the pervasiveness of ochre and ruby in my home, I settled down to get some work done and noticed the little dish on my table holding the river pebbles from a recent trip to the Arboretum - wouldn't you know it ... ochre quartz resting next to garnet encrusted  pebbles with one little ruby colored Roman glass disc.

Funny how I consider myself so hyper observant and it took all this time to realize I'm completely surrounded by all things ochre and ruby.  So it's great fun to share this little path to awareness.

The images ........



Okay, time to heat up some dinner......
Thanks everyone for joining in the 'call to arms'.  We absolutely can make a difference!

ruby colored blessings - kvk

p.s.  the little sgrafitto "want - to" dish is by Lisa Gluckin; my favorite mug is by Julie Covington