reposting this to get the dern things back in order.......

So I've been debating about doing this for months.  What's my motivation, do people pay attention to this sort of thing, do "I" pay attention to this sort of thing, is it about my ego or, I don't know, just what is it?  So I put the "followers" gadget on my sidebar.  There aren't that many official followers, fair number of readers, just a few following.  But bottom line, I really do like the idea that I've got followers!  And I really really appreciate the readers and love comments.  I mean really, why else would I do this?

I'm thinking this little shift is tied into two of the books I'm reading right now, actually re-reading ... Do the Work and War of Art.  One of the sections is about being a "pro" at what you do.  So I've been making my living with making jewelry for a good while, but I'm seeing places where I'm kind of lazy or not fully engaged.  It's all tied into that "following my gaze" thing and seeing where it lands.  I'm starting to see a lot of things more honestly and really making an effort to get fully congruent.  The process involves lots of deep breaths 'cause basically, it's a real challenge getting my extremely introverted self to step up and out and go for it.

And another thing about congruence or the lack thereof  ... there's that sneaking dairy thing I mentioned yesterday.  What's that about?  Why the sneaky nonsense?  Why do I feel like I have to sneak anything?  Ah, and then there's my other little secret ... I'm a fast food junky.  When I get off the green juice wagon I head straight for Taco Bell and a grilled stuft chicken burrito.

So, in the interest of staying honest and getting congruent and stepping out of my comfort zone and being more of a pro, I'm going to plug in that little gadget and see how I like the looks of it.  And after having to throw out a ton of slimy greens yesterday, I'm getting back on the green juice, no dairy wagon.

We'll see how long it lasts this time.
I mean really ... If not now, when?

green blessings - kvk