is it ironic

... that I stew and stew about putting the followers gadget on this blog and when I finally decide to give it a try and do a post about it and stew some more and add a bunch of things to my book and movie lists - it's the day when blogger tanks and all that work vanishes?  curious

So, I've put the followers gadget back on and will have to wait until I've got some time to remember the assorted wonderful things I thought I'd added to my lists.

c'est la vie.
rainy day blessings - kvk

p.s. the sun's out and I'm trying to fix blogger label weirdness ... deep breaths
but getting lots done today - sorting and clearing big piles of accumulated whatever ... very satisfying.

p.p.s. okay, blogger is still buggered - colossally annoying

p.p.p.s. trying plan F to get posts back in order