really really sidetracked

It started off simply enough.  Do a bit of dusting on my worktable, you know spruce things up a bit before sitting back down to work. Let's just say I got kind of carried away ... 

Thing is, I had so much stuff on this big ol' table.  Bowls and bowls and rows and rows of stuff.  Bowls of pearls and partially dismantled jewelry, bowls of rocks, more bowls of rocks, rows of rocks and more rows of rocks and ... well you get the idea. 

See, I've got a lot of stuff!  Thing is, to get to all that dust, I needed to move all that stuff.  And while I was at it, maybe I should practice some of my own preaching and get rid of some stuff.

I think it was right around this point where I was also getting things going on the stove.  I was doing the quick soak thing for black beans, I set the timer so I'd check back before they started boiling and well, with the fans going and me completely distracted by moving all this stuff ...

I ended up with a righteous mess - this was one of my best boilovers yet.  Sheesh, set pan aside to cool down and do that one hour soak and then come back later after the burner cools down to clean up the thick crust of black bean goo.

And then while I was waiting for the burner to cool down and the beans to soak, my OCD really kicked in and I decided this would be a good time to re-do my creative engineering hammer storage.  You see, it was all held together with nasty old silver duct tape and packing tape and was kind of embarrassing and I'd seen colored duct tape at the hardware store the other day and if I went to Lowe's I could also get little ceramic thingies to put under my mondo flower pots before we put them back on the newly stained deck.  Yes, an excellent use of my time.  And I was thrilled to discover that Lowe's had white duct tape - even more better!  I do love my little storage gizmo - pvc and duct tape, yeah buddy! 

And now my worktable is all shiny and clean and organized and ready for slackdog me to get my sorry back side to work ... tomorrow.  Okay, there's still a lot of stuff, but most of my little bowls are empty and the stuff that's there is the stuff I use regularly, well except for my rocks - there just weren't any that needed to go away.  Isn't it pretty?

Along the way I also put up some feng shui prosperity measures - a couple of ropes of citrine and Chinese coins.  One more thing though, I think tomorrow before I sit down to work, I'll ring my Nepali bells around the house and disperse any little remaining demons. 

Okay, I'm better now. 

l i g a  - kvk