sweet blessings and tiny reminders

I've been working on getting to work ... after a couple of days away from the studio it can be such a challenge.  But as I've gone around the house tying up loose ends, doing a bit of cleaning, mailing orders and repairs, I decided the house needed some fresh flowers ... a reward from my all afternoon in the blazing sun efforts of yesterday flushing out my front flower beds.  So I picked out a small vase for the kitchen window and selected a few blooms along with some peppermint which got me to thinking about all the little blessings that surround me on a daily basis ... which led me to this blog post.

The little vase was a gift from a dear friend in Port Townsend, the flowers a gift from my flower beds.

Once on this track, I headed up to my worktable to marvel at some of the treasures that surround me each day while I work.  There's the little Christmas ornament that's a permanent resident, reminding me to never forget whimsy and silly good fun.

There's the gyroscope adorned with some favorite earrings from another PT friend.  The gyroscope reminds me that it is entirely possible to stay centered in the midst of an ever changing world; the earrings remind me of eccentric, joyous creation.

There's the little photo transfer of Archangel Michael from years ago ... I'm never alone.

My collection of hammers, some purchased new, some antiques, one hand forged, and the one I use most often that belonged to Asheville architect and benefactor, Anthony Lord - a gift from a friend ... these keep me aware of the lasting heritage of craft.

A very special treasure, a heart bead from my dear friend Lynne, a soul mate and purveyor of unconditional love.

My worktable is fairly loaded with treasures.  These are the ones that spoke to me today.  Their messages of sweet blessings and tiny reminders ring clear ... I am never alone and have ready access to joy and whimsy, I make work that is lasting and well-loved, I am surrounded by exquisite gifts from beloved friends and from nature - I am enormously blessed.

l i g a - kvk