good morning, inspiration!

Welllll, I'm sure this is not going to be a surprise to anyone ... that where my mind has wondered and what my hands have plucked out to play around with are remnants of the sea - in particular, fossilized shark's teeth and bones from the SW coast of Florida.  Okay, so I didn't collect these.  My brother-in-law and his partner sent them to me, embarrassing to say - about 3 years ago.  That would be when we were still in Port Townsend.  But boy howdy they've been whispering to me since I got back home and since yesterday, it's been rather more insistent.

I've got lots to work with!  Here's some of the big pieces I culled ...

... from here.  A nice big zip-loc of inspiration.  There's a mix of fossils, shells and pebbles.  Some with lovely holes worn through - tailor made for jewelry!  Can't you just see a whole bunch of these tiny fossils, drilled and interspersed with my metal clay spacers and chunky bits?  I'm thinking an urban update to my beloved puka shells from the early 70's.

And here's some of the really big pieces - bones and teeth mostly and a few of the smaller, exceptionally cool pebbles and shells.

I'm seeing these paired with some of my jumbo gemstone nuggets ...

... or maybe with my metal clay/beach glass pendants ...

And if I get bored with any of that, it's September Issue season!  I've been buying the September issue of Vogue since I was in my early teens - a beloved annual tradition, my seasonal foray into absolute excess.  I did a quick perusal of everything on the shelf at B&N and decided to stick with my top two - W and Vogue.  Might have to check out the movie again - I can absolutely live without Anna Wintour, but Grace Coddington is a total inspiration.

Okay, time to do some drilling!  Which reminds me, gots to order more diamond drills.  And all my writing and introspection is back on hold ... inspiration calls and I must answer.  Like Andrew was saying in his current post, "I can talk about my ideologies and weave elaborate sentences to bolster my opinions... but without action behind those words, they might as well not exist at all."  Well said, Andrew!

Wish me luck!
l i g a - kvk