nerve wracking

Today is tree removal day.  Two "large weed" trees, and two more problematic trees.  One leaning at a precarious angle in the back yard and the other a walnut that's too close to the house and has been dropping walnuts and breaking our siding.

I hate loud noises.  Dave usually does the vacuuming while I hide - can't stand the sound.  So the unloading and running of heavy equipment, chainsaws and a really huge chipper has me completely undone.  Not to mention I hate the idea of taking down trees in the first place.  So very distressing on most levels.

Saying goodbye to the walnut ... I loved peering through it's too close branches into the back yard.

Thankfully, our tree guy is a consummate professional ... rock climber, very strong, seriously safe, expert and fluid in his movements.  Still, the whole thing sucks royally.

Deep breaths.
l i g a - kvk