raw materials

Too funny ... yesterday I was all kind of "woe is me, I'm not feeling creative ... it's okay, I'll just sit here and plonk away on my computer until inspiration strikes."  Then this morning when I sat down to work on my website, I started thinking about forging out some bailing wire to put with all those gorgeous faceted stones I just bought ... especially the blue labradorite and moss aquamarine and silver earwires are such a lovely counterpoint and maybe some silk or linen accents or maybe some silver rivets and I do love firing the forged steel with pmc, ooohh I could try it with the sterling pmc I made and it really does look amazing after it's been tumbled and what about, what about???? 

Feeling delicious potential ... maybe I'm not in such a slump after all.
This will be me chuckling.

l i g a - kvk