the dreamtime

I had the most amazing dream and I needed to write it down so I thought I'd share it here. 

You know how dreams are ... wafting around in all sorts of things until one scene stands out and I remember it when I wake up.  The main thing here was being in a room with 2 or 3 women, one that I thought was a psychologist.  I thought I was undergoing some kind of personality test, but the woman came forward with a ... hmmmm, I'm thinking it was a crystal wand.  She taps me on my forehead and I stand there.  She taps me again and I bounce up a bit.  She taps me again and again.  Each time I bounce higher and higher until I almost hit the very high ceiling.  From that high vantage point, I notice that the room is very ornate, sort of French baroque.  As I settle back to the ground, one more tap and I'm set free.  I begin to soar into an astral realm, flying over what looks to be a cloud or blanket of intense color and light.  It's a short flight and I'm somewhat disappointed when I come back to earth.  But I realize I can now go back whenever I set my intention.

When I return to the baroque room, the women are there smiling and joyous and I realize they are something other than what I first thought.  They are healers and are exclaiming, "she's one of us, she's one of us!"  I realized they were balancing my chakras and when all was aligned is when I was set free. 

I looked for an astral plane image that had the feeling of the dream and came to this site and this image. 

I'm not sure what this means.  Do I need to work on my chakras or did they do it in my dream?  I'll have to think about it as I head out into the cool morning air to work in my front flower beds.  Whatever it is, it feels very auspicious ... it feels very good.

l i g a - kvk