new website + my 1st ever giveaway!

Hallelujah!!!  I am ever so thrilled and very very pleased to announce my new website is up and running!  Here's the home page ...

I'm really quite pleased with the look ... it's clean, very very clean ... plus I've added a couple of fancy schmansie details (well fancy for me).  With the very patient help of my beloved, we figured out how to add my KVK favicon to the header and from that I figured out how to link my PDF price list to the site.  Plus I cleaned up all the old site pages that had been lurking around since 2008!  Such a relief!

I'm not going to put the shopping cart feature on there for now and I don't have my Talismans on there.  The Talismans need something special and different and I want to spend some more time figuring that out.  I'm pretty cross-eyed right now and have been tweaking it for the last two days.  I'd love it if anyone has the time, give it a good perusal and let me know if you find any typos or non-functioning links or glitches or whatever.

As a bit of incentive and to celebrate my big accomplishment, leave a comment about the new website or any feedback and I'll throw the names into a hat for a chance to win a pair of Pinched Donut earrings (worth over $100) ... my first ever drawing for a freebie!  I'll draw the winner a week from today, Wednesday the 21st.

So let me know what you think!

l i g a - kvk