a timely voice

I'm not a very political person ... I vote and I have opinions, but I'm not one to organize or pursue causes.  The whole Occupy Wall Street (OWS) thing has me interested yet confused.  One thing I'm feeling is a similarity to the organization efforts of the late 60's.  There are lots of things about right now that remind me of that time and I am encouraged by what I see ...

At our trunk show we talked to so many women who are finding their voices, their passions, their soul work.  Amidst all the world chaos inspired art is being created, people are waking up.  Energetically, we're in the middle of an enormously powerful time and, while I'm not quite on the crest of the wave, I'm not feeling overwhelmed.  More likely, I'm on my way up, gathering kindred spirits and momentum for what promises to be an exhilarating ride.

What's got me all pensive this morning was watching a documentary on Pete Seeger last night.  Throughout the film I was struck not only by the power of his passion, but the complete lack of venom in his words and music ... an overarching sense of what's right, what's wrong, his belief in the basic good of humanity and his deep love for this country. 

I have no tolerance for the mean spirited spewing and constant spinning that consumes the mass media, so I'm not really up to speed on the OWS movement.  But a friend sent me this link and it seems worth sharing.  Maybe a Pete Seeger for 2011?

blessings ...
l i g a - kvk