I'm at it again ... another trunk show is in the works.

Once again with Cara, but this time we're joining forces with fellow jewelry designer, Stephanie Onel.  It'll be right before Valentine's Day, February 12.  It's all coming together in splendid synchronistic fashion ... I've been following Stephanie's jewelry since we've been in Asheville.  We've been Etsy and FB friends and I'd seen pictures of her but we'd never met in person.  The other day at the gem show, I saw this woman that looked familiar and then realized it was Stephanie. 

I went up and introduced myself - kind of strange meeting someone face to face when you've known about each other for a while.  Anyway, we got to talking and I was going on about trunk shows and she allowed as how she knows a couple of women who've recently opened Working Girls Studio & Gallery and they just mentioned they'd like to host some events, you know like trunk shows and maybe Valentines Day would be a good time to try one out.  So, me being me, I immediately said, "yeah buddy, we gots to get on that one" and of course volunteered Cara.  I'm incorrigible. 

Stephanie contacted the Gallery and the three of us have been working on all the specifics.  Then Dave and I were downtown on Monday and cruised over to Battery Park and and the gate to the studio/gallery was open and we went on up and got to meet Lynne Harty, a really excellent photographer.  Also got to meet her gallery partner, Eli Corbin, a painter (haven't perused her work yet).  So, mission accomplished there ... it's a great space and has a very nice vibe, we've got a date and time nailed down and may even get a bit of TV coverage via the gallery ... we'll see.

Like I was saying, it's all coming together. 

I'm the computer/graphics expert of this trio and I've spent the better part of today working on the show card.  Thing is, I didn't have anything sparkly or Valentine's inspired, so I started the day putting together a new piece ...

I got to use some of my new gemstones, the sanded quartz nugget and a tourmaline slice, with a lush Basha bead.  Thankfully, I had all the steel and bronze components on hand. 

The show card is out for a vote, so when I get the okay, I'll share it.  Right now, I'm going to stop and give my eyes a rest and maybe get and early start on dinner 'cause I've got a big night ahead.  The other crazy thing that happened on Monday - I got stopped on the street by a woman that works at a local chi-chi salon.  She was headhunting for volunteers.  I debated a bit, but decided, what the heck - a free haircut at one of the better salons in town!  I'm scheduled at 7:30 tonight to get an "edgy bob" haircut.  I'm going to shoot for something that resembles an "art project" - that's Cara's descriptive term and it's perfect.  I'll let you know about that as well.

Grand experiments happening all around!
ciao for now .......

l i g a - kvk