morning delights ... sunday radar sightings

A rather long and thoughtful day yesterday.

Today I woke to a brilliant and frosty morning, strong black tea, heavenly croissants from Tod's with just right scrambled eggs.  Then up to the workroom and, of course, checking email and FB and a bit of surfing.  So many delights have I found ... now I'm positively busting with inspiration, doing a quick sharing of these exceptional radar sightings and getting back to work on the new steel components.

I started here with this exquisite video of a Rodarte museum installation ....

Rodarte: States of Matter from MOCA on Vimeo.

Then,  Helen James took me to Trend Tablet ... this will be me squealing with delight ... pages and pages of enticing content.  Trend Tablet got me to Lorraine Pennington and her assorted galleries, blogs and on-line markets ... another large squeal.  Check out these ...  Modern Surfaces Art Gallery, one of her blogs, a modern life 2, and this looks really interesting, Project Artisan.

Oh and yesterday, I found a sumptuous new magazine, Glass - British and Chinese and lush.  And I keep meaning to say how gorgeous and exceptional the costumes were in The Secret of Moonacre.  Not an exceptional film, but visually stunning.

Jolly good fun ... off to polish some steel!

l i g a - kvk