the week's work

In the realm of best laid plans and all that ...
The original idea was, after last week's trunk show, to get a whole bunch of new things listed on Etsy.  Turns out my new sales rep (Deb) is heading out on a road trip starting the 26th and needs my samples and catalogs and a whole lot of stuff that I've been, in classic ostrich fashion, ignoring ... the samples have been sitting on a shelf in my workroom since early December.  I've been feeling less than enamored with my wholesale line of jewelry.  It needed freshening up, some new energy, some culling and purging and reworking.  This is not to say I find it any less beautiful or worthwhile ... it's just not been my focus for a long while and it was time to give it some nurturing, love and attention.

So I dismantled pretty much my whole Fusion collection, ran everything through the tumbler, and reassembled a whole new Fusion collection.  A lot of pieces are virtually the same, but most have been tweaked, lots have been discontinued, including all the earrings with my silk cord.

Here's my week's work - that's a ton of silk cord making and knotting and rethinking and, I've gotta say, the results are a much more cohesive collection ...

The work's been assembled, then it was on to photographing, editing pics and then plugging it all into a new catalog.  I got most of the layout done yesterday and had to stop last night around 9 due to bloodshot, exhausted eyes and being generally fried.  I felt kind of like this image looks - tangled.  Needless to say, my mind was still in overdrive and it took forever to fall asleep.

I've still got to price all the new pieces.  Bottom line, the catalog must be finished this morning.  Then, while it's printing, I'll be shooting the 'pretty' pics to update my website.  In addition to print catalogs, I do CD versions with the catalog cover printed on the CD - they're really very pretty.  Then everything has to get re-tagged, affixed to sample boards and packed up to get shipped 2nd day air to California so Deb has it by Wednesday.  Luckily the UPS office is open late in the day, so I'll have most of tomorrow to pack and assemble the whole presentation.

Here's the catalog cover.  I like the minimal look ... very clean and direct.

Okay, so it's been nice chatting ... but this girl's got work to do ... wish me luck!

l i g a - kvk