burning questions and abundant joy

This morning's awareness/realization:
Big dreams and expansive visions come to me often ... but then I start in on 'figuring them out', how can I make them happen?  I take those big, excellent visions and I work to fit them into the box of my current perceptions, my reality as I perceive it today, with all its limitations and boundaries and parameters ... hedging my bets always, never really pushing off from the shore, never really making that leap of faith. 

Well, the truth is, I've had big dreams come true, I have made those leaps, and I know how exhilarating it is.  But lately, I've gotten all wrapped up in the figuring it out part and forget to let go.  You might have noticed I'm in my head ... a lot ... and did I ever mention my overarching need to be in control? 
Controlled dreaming ... how's that for an oxymoron?

I've also been all tied up with the idea of how to grow my business.  It's turned into a chicken and egg thing.  I want to do this, but first I should probably do that, but if I do that, then I should really do this other thing and what if that doesn't work, should I go back to that first thing ... etc. etc. etc.  Sheesh!

This morning I read Danielle's Burning Question post, "what boat do you need to burn?"  That's what got me to thinking about how I downsize my dreams.  I pulled out my Spark Kit and went back through the Authentic Dreaming section.  Forward progress may be in the works.

So "what boat do I need to burn?"  My safety boat with that impossibly long rope that never lets go of the dock.

A few things to consider and in no particular order:

1st and foremost ... I am a maker.

I've gotten snarled up in unfocused ambition loosely aimed at a not well defined concept of success.

Social media feels like scrabbling and straining and striving and pining for my little piece of the pie ... pick me, pick me!

I want to re-frame and adjust my target, which goes back to #1, creating.  I create work that I love and am proud to share; work that is deeply felt and resonates with an audience of like-hearted souls who gladly support the work, spreading the love and joy that is the foundation of all I do.

Bottom line ... the starting point should always be about joy, abundant joy and laughter. 

Case in point, Wavy Gravy.  Except for his role at Woodstock, I knew virtually nothing about this man.  To restore some faith in humanity and just for the joy of it, watch Saint Misbehavin'.  It's streaming on Netflix.  It should be viewed at least once a month.

Saint Misbehavin': The Wavy Gravy Movie - Theatrical Trailer from Ripple Effect Films on Vimeo.

onward .......
l i g a - kvk