I don't normally do this, but I was so moved by this letter from an Etsy customer, I just had to share.   Inspiration and motivation can come from many places and the generous souls who purchase my work are an essential component.  I create work that pleases me, but bottom line, without you, it would seem mere narcissism.  My jewelry is made to share, to spread the love and good intentions I work into each piece and when I receive letters such as this, it is blessed affirmation that what I do is understood and appreciated.

These are the pieces that were purchased and sent off to Athens, Greece ...  

 Gemstone Ocean Cairn, blue labradorite, mystic topaz and iolite

vesuvianite and raw diamonds on forged steel earrings

The letter from Greece:

"My dearest Kathy, i received your lovely jewels about a week after you sent them.
and i was very happy to have them.

the necklace: i wear it all the time since that day even when i sleep. labradorite is my friend, iolite is strong and helps me to purify myself, and mystic topaz, they say, has the power of directing energy. we ll see. silver disks are like water, giving motion, reflecting the sun and the moon, like small lakes under waterfalls and all these hanging from a nice black cord, your urban primitive style which i love.

the earrings: i wear them a lot. everyone notices them. whether you believe it or not there is a story about them. vesuvianite has the power of carmic justice, diamonds have the power of accord and the circle above them is the circle of samsara which is open when you realize the mistakes you repeit through lives.  in addition your earrings are the symbol of consious feminine.

Thank you deeply for all these. you have a gift.
maybe you can make a mediteranean sea neckace and put all the blessings for my people here in Greece. i am not saying i ll buy it because we re having a hard time here but anyway...

and these words may all go to infinite now.."

I am truly humbled ... with a tear in my eye, a bit of a knot in my throat.  I'm thinking I will definitely work on a few pieces for the people of Greece.

l i g a - kvk

p.s.  I don't always consider the metaphysical properties of the shapes and gemstones I use.  It seems I have an intuitive ability to put things together in a powerful way.  I very much like that it's not a conscious thing ... it feels more genuine, not contrived.