Kind of where I'm at ... withdrawn a bit and what happens when I get sensory overload, hit with ideas or questions that I can't process straight away ... it also includes keeping up with blog comments and making timely and appropriate responses.  It's just how I process things.  Sometimes things are easy, sometimes I move forward effortlessly, with great assurance.  More often, I withdraw, ruminate and ponder, emerge at a later date, hopefully with a degree of clarity, maybe energized, maybe more calm ... withdraw mostly ... emerge always. 

So as I look at the emails accumulating in my in-box, among them questions that have challenged my perspective and the comments you've so graciously taken the time to post, please know you are not being ignored ... I'm just in process mode, a wee bit withdrawn, wondering if this is a just a habit that can be changed or my true nature ... do I embrace it or struggle with it?

I don't know ... just need to process a bit more.

l i g a - kvk