morning delights

Some Wednesday morning radar sightings ...

It's always a banner day when I find an interesting magazine that's new to me ... ORIGIN, conscious lifestyle + art.  Amazing - found it at my WholeFoods market and it looks very promising and not outrageously expensive (6 bucks - and for me, that's a deal!).

I'm weaning myself off of caffeine (again) with Bija Deep Cleanse tea.  It worked before ...  My local sources dried up and now I have to order it online, so the link is where I found it for a pretty good price. 

I'm really getting inspired by some documentaries we've been watching ...

I AM, the documentary - an absolute treasure

We watched the Wavy Gravy movie again - Saint Misbehavin' - believe in the power of ONE.  Everyone should watch this at least once a month!

Carbon Nation - a call to action if ever there was one

And Fat Sick and Nearly Dead was hugely inspiring!  That's what got me motivated to upgrade my juicer and make a better effort at cleaning up my act.  They're all about helping people get healthy and succeed and their websites are absolutely loaded with information and help and, well, let's just say - I'm now a big fan and doing pretty well with my juicing.

And I saved the best for last.  This is a teaser and I'm going to track down the specifics about the film, but it will be a must see for sure ... Advanced Style ... truly a labor of love. 

Okay, off to work for this little peep.  Got lots to do ... email replies to write, talismans to make, orders to fill, veggies to juice, magazines to peruse, an a couple of errands to run.

l i g a - kvk