next on the list ...

... is transforming these into finished pieces.

There seems to be lots of spirals, but that's okay.  They've got assorted things stamped into the backs, heavy on "I AM..." which will be combined with the little text nuggets and who knows what else.  So what you'll end up with is things like, "I AM ... infinity", which I like quite a lot.  Can't wait to see where my muse will take me. 

Carving stamps is not one of my strong suits, so I've spent a good part of the week working on images and text and themes for a rubber stamp sheet.  Sketching images, scanning and then doctoring, then the endless arranging and rearranging to cram as many things as possible into a 7" x 9" space.  The finished page got shipped off yesterday ... oooohhh, now the delicious anticipation.

As I move forward with my Talisman re-launch, I've gotta admit, I'm finding it hard to stay focused on the designing and strategizing and designing and plotting.  I'm not sure I've ever approached a body of work in this way.  I know that this project is like building a house ... I've got big plans and they're not gonna happen without a good blueprint.  But trying to keep me focused and on task is kind of like herding cats ... 

And then I fell down the computer rabbit hole this morning ... any more, cloudy mornings do that to me.  I just wanted to park my backside here and zone out.  I finally got up, did my stretches and sun salutations and headstand, made my smoothie and got to work.  What got me off my butt was this post from a recent discovery, The Daily Love about sticking to it.  Still trying to figure out how this young guy can be so wise and dead on, but there he is, spouting brilliance and tapped in awareness in pretty much every post.

I'm also totally jazzed to have discovered Durga Holzhauser's The Female GrailThis post has her excellent 36 Steps towards Avant Garde Femininity.  And if you sign up for her mailing list, you'll get the equally excellent little e-book, Six Ways I Shaped My Own Religion.  BTW ... She's got a retreat center in Provence ................ I'm sure that must be in my future.

So as of right now, I've mixed up my new favorite afternoon beverage, peppermint lemonade, I'm assembling elements and waiting for the next step to present itself.

sticking to it and moving forward .....

l i g a - kvk

p.s.  in case you want some for your own self ...
Peppermint Lemonade
squeeze the juice of one lemon into a large glass (for me a 32oz mason jar)
grab a small handful of fresh peppermint leaves and smash them into the lemon juice
take out most of the leaves, leave a couple for color and more flavor
add a squirt of stevia extract to taste
add a bunch of ice cubes and then fill up the glass with water
YUMMY and super refreshing!
... might throw in some lavender next time