Sunday conundrum

There's so much interesting and worthwhile content on the web these days ... what's a busy girl to do?

Right now, I'm wanting to watch 2 hours of Oprah interviews, but I'm doing laundry and have a bunch of new talismans sitting on my worktable awaiting completion.  Then I need to photograph them and list them on Etsy.  So what do I do instead ... I put all of it aside and do a blog post!

There's the intriguing series of Venus Transit calls that I signed up for, but haven't listened to.
There's the ongoing series from Nick Ortner's Tapping Solution and I'm still checking in now and then with Margaret Lynch and her YouTube tapping videos.
Naomi Dunford's IttyBiz is chock full of cool stuff.
I'm thinking about buying Tara Gentile's new inexpensive digital marketing workshop.
Trend Tablet is non-stop inspiration.
Pinterest lurks on my tool bar, tempting me to dive down that rabbit hole where I tend to get lost for an hour or more.  And then there's the new Pinerly thing that I have yet to figure out what the heck it's all about.
I get frequent informative emails from Etsy Success.  They look interesting, but they're stacking up in my in-box unread.
I do find the time for fun things like the daily story from StoryPeople and my horoscope.
The jury's still out on The Cools ... just not grabbing me.
I heard that StumbleUpon is a good business thing for some reason, but not sure why and I can't see that Linked In is of any use for someone like me.
And I feel so remiss that it's been weeks since I spent much time perusing the rather large blogroll in my sidebar ... 
I've got current issues of Selvedge, American Craft, Origin, Yes!, Bazaar, Hand Eye, Town & Country, Habitus and Green in a pile next to my computer desk ... all partially, but not fully, perused.

That's a lot of what's scrambling for my attention, but not all.  What's a girl to do?  There's just not enough hours in a day.

There's two places that are calling to me and for which I'm taking some time.  I'm liking pretty much all of what Durga Holzhauser has to say at the Female Grail and what I'm truly loving and where I'm finding enormous daily inspiration is Mastin Kipp's the Daily Love.  Still can't figure out how this young guy is so wise and tapped in, but there's no denying he is definitely tapped in.

What I've got are options ... lots of options.  What I need to do is not think about it or worry about it or be bummed or frustrated ... what I need to do is just drop down out of my overactive monkey brain and choose from my heart.

But then, silly me, that's the answer for most everything ... actually, that IS the answer for everything.

happy Sunday, happy summer, have a beautiful day

l i g a - kvk