my morning thus far

Taking my time.
The sun's pouring in ... a rare thing as of late.
Feeling an ease about things in general ... a relief.

Waiting for the kettle to boil, the morning sun was hitting my newly installed prisms.  The colors and the reflections off the kettle inspired me to run upstairs and grab the camera.  This led to walking around and seeing what else caught my eye. 
This is what I'm enjoying right now ...

waiting for the kettle to boil ...

my latest concoction ... nettles tea
I'm always getting teased for my concoctions.  I was drawn to purchase a bag of dried nettles from Red Moon Herbs this past weekend.  Got home and did some reading up on nettles ... looks like a perfect spring tonic.  Tastes like straw ... very green, very fresh ... I love it.

now, settling in to my studio ... sun hitting my rock and shell collections ...
and a sneak peek at my new project ... I'll be selling these medallions on a "donate what you can" basis to raise money for my nephew's medical expenses.  The silver prototypes are done.  Now I'm heading over to work on the bronze versions ... more details to follow.

Off to work for this little peep ... 
l i g a - kvk

p.s. thanks Carol and Sparrow ... fiber arts in some form is definitely a part of my future.  I've been thinking about the rocker and there's a strong possibility that they made it themselves and the "arts and crafts" period would be just about right.  They were accomplished woodworkers and made some amazing pieces.  Looking at the finishing details leads me to believe it might be their handiwork ... need to ask Dave's mom.  xoxo