"Prayers For Richie" Fundraiser

Okay, so here's what I've been working on ...

I'm thinking you probably know my nephew Richie's been on something of a journey.  He had surgery the Saturday after this past Thanksgiving to remove a brain tumor that was found to be cancerous.  You can read more details on the FundRazr site his sister Alexis has just put up to raise money for his ongoing treatment and medical bills.

First off, this kid is amazing.  The night before surgery, he performed an impromptu concert from his hospital bed; 3 days after surgery he was once again entertaining his visitors.

Richie's got a tremendous support network of devoted family and friends.  They just held a benefit concert for him and are planning another one in June.  And, as I mentioned before, Alexis just set up a FundRazr site.  I figure there's strength in numbers so, in the interest of providing options and because I feel a strong need to do something to help, I designed a special medallion to add to the fundraising efforts.  

My nephew's got big plans for the future.  He has a vision to set up a foundation; through music and his deeply held faith, he wants to help other kids going through similar journeys.  We're hoping to raise enough money to pay off the medical bills and then get his foundation going.

And before I continue, one really important thing you need to know about me - probably the hardest thing for me to do is ask for help ... with anything.  I am notoriously pig headed, stubborn beyond reason and have to be on the verge of being crushed to ask for assistance of any kind.  The other thing to know, I'm bad, but my little brother makes me look like a total go with the flow girl.   

I'm realizing one of the biggest lessons we're both getting through Richie's ongoing journey towards healing is how to ask for help.  I have to accept there's nothing I can physically do to change what is. What I can do is join in the daily (2pm CST) Prayers For Richie.  What I can do is create this medallion to raise money to help with Richie's ever growing expenses.  It's a start.

So ... the medallion.
For right now, they're hand formed by me in metal clay ... I'm hoping these go viral and I have to figure out how to get them cast.  On one side I stamp my All One icon ... we truly are All One.  On the other side, I've designed a Prayers For Richie logo - P4R.  They're averaging about 3/4" in diameter.  I'm stringing the medallions on red nylon Chinese knotting cord so they can be worn 24/7, they adjust from 30" down to 16".    I'm also stitching up the little muslin bags with the P4R logo stamped on them.  Here's a little closer view ...

I have the Paypal button set up as a "donate what you can" option.  To keep this project sustainable, I'm asking for a minimum donation to cover my cost of materials and postage.  I want this medallion to be available to as many people as possible so I'm doing both a bronze and fine silver version.  For the bronze, I'm asking for a $10 minimum; for the fine silver, $25.  Of course, more is definitely mo' better and greatly appreciated.  Every dollar over my actual expenses will go towards Richie's bills.

I'm a little cross-eyed from figuring out all the details.  I finished and uploaded the webpage and after I finish this post, I'll head over to blast the link all over Facebook.  Like I was saying ... I'd love for this to go viral.  

I'd love for you to share this post and links with anyone and everyone.  If you feel so compelled and are able, a donation to either the FundRazr campaign or for a medallion would be truly wonderful and deeply appreciated by a large number of people.  Every cent helps.

My intention is to create a vast network joined together with these medallions.  Clasp the medallion and know we are All One.  I hope you'll join our Prayers For Richie community.

with deep gratitude ...
l i g a - kvk