sale extended ...

... for at least a couple of weeks. What the heck, I mean really ... how often does an opportunity like this come along.  So I've updated the coupon code to "PORTLAND" to get 50% off anything in my Etsy shop.

The work is coming along ... the first batch of components are in the kiln and it will take several firings to get them all done - probably at least 4 or 5 firings.  We've decided on bronze and I'm going to use gilders paste to create a faux silver finish.  I thought about using Accent Silver, but just didn't want to deal with so many firings. I've just started experimenting with this crazy gilders paste stuff and there's a bit of a learning curve ... so I'd love it if anyone's got any pointers they'd like to share.  I like the look of it so far and just ordered a few more colors to use under the silver to give it more depth.

I'll keep everyone posted as the process continues.  Of course, no big reveal until after the runway show on October 12th!

Thanks to everyone who's already made a purchase ... I am deeply deeply grateful ... as is my c/cd balance!

love and light filled blessings ...
l i g a - kvk