assessing progress . . .

I got to a stopping place yesterday.  Last night before bed, I laid out what I've made thus far.  Seeing some gaps in the range of work, I pulled out a few more components that were hiding in my little bins.  While I was originally thinking I'd dive right in this morning, the morning has gone a bit differently than envisioned.  I have yet to park myself behind the worktable and will soon head that way, but first here's the fruits of my efforts . . .

assessing progress kathy van kleeck.jpg

Nothing has been soldered so it all looks like a crazy mish mash.  I want to add at least 3 or 4 very minimal necklaces and then I think I'll be done.  Then it will be on to earrings.  Not sure if I'm going to include bracelets in this first incarnation - a couple of pieces are long enough to wrap, so I may just leave it at that.  Also, I've nixed the base metals for now.  Keeping things simple and less confusing.  Also, will probably wait on the nylon cord versions, maybe . . . we'll see.  

Keeping things simple is always the challenge.  In planning pieces I want to replicate, I try to limit the number of elements.  It's just way to confusing to fill orders for pieces when there's a whole slew of different components for each piece.  It requires spread sheets and I refuse to learn Excel.  Also, too many variables is just flat out confusing to buyers.  It's hard enough when you're at a show or in the gallery/boutique and working in person, but long distance can be crazy making . . . believe me, I know!

There's a few pieces that need to be tweaked before everything gets soldered together, but on the whole, I'm quite pleased!

So that's it for my jewelry update, but in other news . . .

One of my morning distractions was getting ready to start my own kombucha scoby.  I've read so much on making kombucha, checked out books from the library, printed out whole e-books from online and on and on.  Lots say do not try to grow your own scoby.  Over the weekend, I found this site that made it look pretty easy.  So what the heck, I'm going for it.  Lord knows it will save me a ton of money if it works.  My starter black tea is cooling and I'll be mixing it all up and crossing my fingers soon.

kombucha starter.jpg

There's more going on that I want to talk about and I'm wanting to give it a proper post.  For now to pique your curiosity, here's a link to an old blog post from April 2011 . . . feedback and thoughts very much encouraged.

Okay, off to mix up my starter kombucha and then get to work!

with deep gratitude - kvk