Etruscan Goddess

Etruscan Goddess


A rare beauty ... the Etruscan Goddess begins with a focal pendant of ruggedly textured fine silver fired and fused with sea glass, creating a look and feel reminiscent of ancient myth and legends. 

To accent the centerpiece and inspired by the varying hues of green in the pendant, I've stacked an incredibly lush assortment of gems, beads and artifacts ... ancient Roman glass, trade beads, raw nuggets of moss aquamarine, phrehnite, green amethyst and green garnet and sterling dangles with tiny faceted gemstones ... fine silver discs and rings interspersed all along the way.  

Strung on a super durable double strand of nylon cord and lashed to hand-cut leather, secured with waxed linen wraps.  A chunky, textured fine silver button hooks through a slit in the leather.

28" long; pendant drops 1 3/4"

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