fine silver glyph pendant 4

fine silver glyph pendant 4


A petite fine silver pendant, textured with patterns reminding me of ancient hieroglyphs, on an adjustable nylon cord, topped with a fine silver nugget. Nylon cord adjusts from 26” down to 14”; can be double wrapped as a bracelet at the shorter length. Pendant is 5/8” diameter …ideal for layering.


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I’ve been thinking about a ‘tabula rasa’ series for some time. Tabula Rasa is Latin for ‘blank slate’ and has always seemed such a great metaphor for starting over. As I finally dove into working on the concept, it occurred to me that, in life, an absolute blank slate or starting over without any baggage or history is just not possible. Hence, it seemed appropriate that the pendants took on some textures and subtle markings … lingering imagery, memories, vestiges of the past … just like us.

This fine silver series has more texture and images that remind me of ancient markings or as I see it, glyphs … perfect for today’s Urban Primitive.