Chainlink Gemstone Jangle

Chainlink Gemstone Jangle


Some days I just have to make chain ... it's kind of an obsession.  So it's with great pride and joy that I debut my latest expression in sterling silver chains ... the Chainlink Gemstone Jangle.

The 8" centerpiece is a rustic mix of hand-forged sterling links with a treasure load of gemstone jangles ... lots of faceted and rough tourmaline, sapphires, amethyst, peridot, garnets and aquamarine ... lashed to short lengths of hand-dyed vintage French silk ribbon.  I love the idea that something so festive can be loaded with this much good juju!

My classic KVK forged sterling hook and link clasp has a super chunky 2 3/4" extension ending in more gemstone jangles and a KVK fine silver icon tag.

17" with a 2 3/4" dangle/extension.  Very much a one-of-a-kind piece. 

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