Custom Blessing Wrap

Custom Blessing Wrap


Request a custom blessing wrap for your Talisman at no additional charge. See below for more details.

The blessings/affirmations are written on either natural or indigo dyed linen and lashed to the chain or cord with waxed linen, a mustard seed to symbolize faith and growth tucked within.

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For years I have always used my intuition and guidance from spirit to create blessings for each of my Talismans … those blessings or affirmations were then written on linen and lashed to the cord or chain of the piece. With this latest group of Talismans, I was compelled to leave the blessings off and try something new … custom, spirit guided blessings. Now, if you are so moved, you can request that a blessing be lashed to your new Talisman ... at no additional charge.

You have three options: you can message me as to what you would like written on the blessing, you can tell me a bit about your intention for the piece and I will create a special one for specifically for you or your recipient or you can leave it up to me and spirit. If requesting a specific blessing, remember they’re being written on a small bit of linen and should be fairly short, just a sentence or two.