Lapis Lazuli Slab Talisman small

Lapis Lazuli Slab Talisman small


I recently purchased a magnificent lot of Afghan Lapis Lazuli, the color is absolutely intoxicating. I am doing some very rudimentary lapidary work with these, trying to keep them as raw and natural as possible.

This first pendant is a bit smaller, about 2 1/4” long, just over 1/2” wide at the base of the stone and hangs from a 27” 2mm faceted bead chain with my custom hook and link bead chain closure.

Lapis Lazuli is associated with the throat and third-eye chakras, a protective stone that encourages self-awareness and allows self-expression.

One of a kind

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These capped crystals are a perfect expression of the vision and intentions I have set for my Talismans.  Even better I am finding them enormously comforting.   I am very careful selecting crystals from my vendors ... when choosing crystals, first I look around and see where my gaze lands.  Then I hover my hand back and forth over the stones until I feel a tingling in my hand, using my intuition and staying hyper aware of ones that I am drawn to pick up, ones that "feel" good in my hand and held to my heart.  Gemstone crystal specimens (ruby, tourmaline, aquamarine) are mostly sourced online, but selections are always guided by my intuition. In this way, each crystal is chosen, maybe not always the most pristine specimens, but always the ones that call to my heart.  I am not anywhere close to being an expert in the properties associated with crystals, but lately I have found great inspiration and insight in Crystal Muse, by Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro.

I cap the crystals with fine silver, ruggedly textured with treasures collected from the desert, the sea and the deep forest, along with symbols such as spirals, hearts and arrows and lotus flowers … layers of textures and symbols, grounding and deepening the power of the crystals.