Ruby Crystal Talisman

Ruby Crystal Talisman


Raw Ruby Crystal Talisman. Beautiful dark red 28 carat raw ruby crystal capped with fine silver. Pendant is 1 1/2” long x 1/2” wide x 3/8” deep on a 24” faceted sterling bead chain with my custom forged sterling hook and link clasp.

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This newest series of finer, gemstone and facet rough quality crystals called for more understated presentations.  Measured in carats rather than grams, the stones are luminous focal points.  I have varied the proportions of the stones and caps, some fairly minimal, some more substantial ... but just how minimal should I go?  At first I was at something of a loss for what sort of message to include on the new Talismans, or whether to include one at all.  I took a break from working and, while swimming laps (moving meditation) in an aquamarine pool with the sun shimmering down, I got my answer ... YES, here is the message for each new Crystal Talisman, "Everything is a blessing."  That was one of my beloved nephew, Richie's, favorite sayings.  It is a way of being in the world that opens the heart and is my ongoing mantra. The blessings are written on unbleached linen and lashed to the chain with waxed linen, two seeds for growth and to honor our ancestors are tucked within.      

I have been on a quest to find not quite perfect, very raw, gemstone rough crystals.  When selecting crystals, I rely on my deep intuition and only purchase stones that resonate on a heart level.  This raw ruby crystal is one of those stones ... a 28 carat gemstone rough specimen and in an unusual long and slender, 'dogtooth', shape.  It's dark ruby red draws me in and feels like it taps into the depths of my heart.  The fine silver cap is layered with textures and symbols, grounding and deepening the power of this gorgeous crystal.

Working with these beautiful stones is such a joy and I look forward to continuing my search and sourcing the most compelling and engaging stones available, each one has a story to share.