Spirit of Abundance Talisman

Spirit of Abundance Talisman


A lush mix of crystal and rutilated quartz, intermingled with fine silver medallions and text nuggets.  The longest dangle drops about 2 3/4" below the 27" diamond cut sterling bead chain with forged sterling hook/link clasp.

One of a kind

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I love combining crystal quartz with fine silver.  It is just so elegant and vibrates at such a high level, you can feel the energy blasting through.  The Spirit of Abundance features a "tattooed" hand pendant along with other fine silver medallions and text nuggets, sliding on the sterling bead chain with fine silver rings and discs.

The blessing, "I am an ocean of abundance" is a phrase that came to me a few years ago at a very low point.  I was feeling overwhelmed by scarcity and lack of resources and couldn't see my way out.  During a particularly powerful mediation, I started off trying to visualize 'abundance', but all I could see was my hand trying to hold water, the water seeping away, leaving my empty hand.  But then I looked up and realized I was in an ocean!  How could there be lack when I was surrounded by such amazing abundance?  As for holding onto the water, I suddenly remembered that everything is energy ... it can't be grasped, it must flow in and out and all around ... powerful imagery!

This powerful blessing is written on a swatch of Lithuanian linen, wrapped with waxed silk, tucked within, a mustard seed for faith and a fenugreek seed to honor my grandfather, a deeply spiritual and highly inspirational figure in my life.