Indigo Talisman bag

Indigo Talisman bag


A beautiful and versatile little indigo dyed linen bag ...

6 1/2" wide x 6 3/4" tall; linen cord adjusts from 54" down to 30"

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A very special little Talisman bag, made with vintage (at least 100 years old) homespun linen from Lithuania that I have dyed with indigo.  It takes many dips in the vat to achieve this glorious shade of indigo blue.  I've left the beautiful raw selvedge edges as well as the edge that remained after removing threads to get a straight edge. 

"God is in the details" and this little bag has some beautiful ones ... a hand-hewn nugget of lapis lazuli threads through a hand-formed sterling silver ring as a weighted closure; flowing to its side, strands with tiny excavated beads from the Roman era, a small crystal quartz point and more crystal quartz and lapis beads.  Hand forged sterling rings are secured at each opening edge with waxed linen.  Hand-plied Euro-flax linen cord slides through the forged rings for the shoulder strap; adjustable with a sliding knot, accented by a fine silver bead to separate the cords.   There are three pockets, two outside and one small one inside. 

A perfect little everyday bag or especially nice as an evening bag when you don't need to carry too much.