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from my heart to yours

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Crafting sacred objects, Talismans and Tools, to bring ritual and beauty to support our daily lives.

"Remember a knowing that has always been with you.  It has laid dormant for a very long time.  It is now bubbling forth like a spring.  It has always been there, but has been clogged and diverted.  The clog is being removed, the spring unblocked.  The energy can begin to flow once again, joyous and clear." *

I believe the Talismans and Tools I create can assist in breaking through these clogs and barriers. Look at the work I offer, where are you drawn, where does your gaze land, what makes your heart sing and your pulse quicken? Roll a bit of Intuitive Perfume along a pulse point or along your third eye/brow chakra, breathe deep and focus …

That’s where you’ll find your answer … your heart will never guide you astray!*

“Yes, there is much to do, but breathe deep and pace yourself … there is no rush. There is power in gathering at a slow pace, not frenzied or needy or panicked … go slow, be mindful, be open.” *

* messages from free-writing sessions

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