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"Remember a knowing that has always been with you.  It has laid dormant for a very long time.  It is now bubbling forth like a spring.  It has always been there, but has been clogged and diverted.  The clog is being removed, the spring unblocked.  The energy can begin to flow once again, joyous and clear." 

- from a recent free-writing session

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the path ahead . . .

Much is in flux and many changes are coming.  I am shifting my focus for a bit ... jewelry is not going away, just going on hold.  What you will see in the weeks to come is the manifesting of a vision that's been in the works for over a year.  Turns out that rather than an all-encompassing life's path, Tending a Handmade Life was a theme for 2017.  It laid the foundation for a more expansive vision, a vision that is still very much in its infancy, but with a great deal of energy swirling about.  (read more here)

 Ananda Bundle elements

Ananda Bundle elements

What has been in the works and what I'm super excited about are my Ananda Bundles, an inspired expansion of my Talismans & Tools and they're available NOW.  These are more refined versions of the tools I've been using in my own journey over the last year.  I'm still gathering some of the elements and hand-crafted tools that will be added to the shop as ready.

As I continue on this new path, I'm going to be posting regularly to my new journal page, Now.  I'll be writing about the behind the scenes work, inspirations, frustrations (hopefully not much of that) as well as including links and visuals so that you can share my exciting new path.  I want this to be a very inclusive experience and will be exploring ways to make it as engaging and inspiring as possible. 

... stay tuned!

with deep gratitude  - Kathy

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