A call to all who wear and follow my work . . .

We are a global community of strong, independent individuals . . .

creating, leading and inspiring others.

We are artists and makers, business professionals and yoga teachers.

We are environmentalists and solo entrepreneurs.

We are community minded but globally aware,

and . . .

We are all one.


I love photographing and writing about what I do, sharing my inspirations and influences. 

Now I'm hoping to recognize and celebrate the community that supports my efforts and this work . . . that means you! 

I would love for you to share your own story, share your inspiration and share a photo of yourself wearing your Kathy Van Kleeck jewelry.

 Write a paragraph or two and include a photo of yourself wearing your favorite piece or pieces and send it to kvankleeck(at)earthlink(dot)net

Everyone that submits a story and photo will receive a $40 KathyVanKleeck.com gift certificate.  When you make your submission, also make sure your email address is not hidden or some such thing so's I can send your gift certificate code.

Be sure to check back as I'll share the images and stories here.  My hope is this page will turn into a glorious wall of beauty and empowering stories.

I would be honored if you would . . .

graphite line kathy van kleeck