It's been kind of crazy around here.  I'm in the midst of a veritable whirlpool of activity.

There's been scrambling to put together a bare bones sample presentation for my reps, the gem show 75 minutes away to load up on sparklies and lovelies, an enthusiastic response from said reps and my galleries, orders to fill before flying off across the sea, an official sample presentation to make and ship to the reps - put together the color palette, make the samples, photographs, compose back story, line sheet, swatch card, pack everything up and next-day it to Portland before the reps hit the road to CA for ten days, get back to the unfinished orders, get a little more done for the trip, a stolen day with cousins to hit the consignment stores for travel clothes, catching up with on-line things - blog comments, put my website and Etsy on vacation, neglected emails and maybe Facebook (still not sure about the whole FB thing).  That's since my last post.  The week ahead - mon dieu!

Crazy, but all good things.

So, my on-line presence is going on vacation ... some may think I'm always on vacation as I'm so slow to respond to comments.  Turns out - for the most part, I don't like hasty replies.  I prefer to take the time to savor and absorb and then respond.  I've figured out I'm the correspondence equivalent to the slow food movement.  Instant oatmeal I am not. 

I anticipate this will be my last post before heading to PROVENCE!  We're going lo-tech and leaving electronic devices at home (digital cameras the exception).  My life has been transforming rapidly and I have no doubt this trip will provide the catalyst for further transformation.  Lovely!

jusqu'à mon retour  ...  être bien

blessings - kvk

 p.s.  this is Menerbes, just up the road from where we're staying in Lourmarin