KVK components SALE!!!

When I'm designing new work, I tend to make lots of different components.  It's kind of a stream of consciousness thing or improvisation if you will.  I rarely have an exact plan as I'm forming and pinching and nudging and smushing and smearing - those are the technical terms for my process.  I make dozens of elements and then lay everything out and start composing.  Composing and designing, smushing and nudging ... my version of bliss.  But the reality is, I tend to end up with a fair number of components that I don't use.

A week or so ago, I got an email from a reader asking if I ever sold my components and well, you know it turns out I do have some components that would love new homes.  The couple of times I've done this in the past, I've listed things on Etsy.  I've taken beautiful snaps and written wonderful descriptions and spent hours and hours going through the whole listing process.  Bottom line ... right now I'm feeling very strongly about doing some space clearing - good feng shui, you know, but I'm also pretty short on time. 

SO HERE'S THE DEAL ..........
Below are snaps of a bunch of components that I'm going to sell - priced wayyyyy below what they'd normally be.  This may work and it may not, but my idea is if anyone is interested, they can email me via the link here, tell me which ones they want and I'll send a PayPal invoice for the total plus shipping (1st class USPS plus insurance).  I'm thinking this doesn't seem too complicated.  You can click on the photo to see it full size.  So here goes ...

#1  13 pieces; average size 20 x 5 mm  - $33
These are pretty hefty components.  I think these could look really cool woven together. 
#2  23 pieces; average size 21 x 3mm  - $58


#3  10 pieces; longest 28 x 5 mm, shortest 22 x 6mm  - $25

#4  6 pieces; large 21 x 3mm, small 11 x 3mm  - $20

#5  6 pieces; average 12 x 12mm  - $15

#6  16 pieces; longest 35 x 9 mm; shortest 11 x 9 mm  - $52
The long ones can be curved to make a really cool bracelet and the shorter ones make great earrings 

#7  7 pieces; 23 x 14mm to17 x 12mm  - $24

#8  9 pieces; 17 x 15mm to 13 x 9mm  - $30
These were made from really chunky PMC slip and have a very          distinctive look - very raw and earthy

#9  38 pieces (these are fairly thin); 10 x 10mm to 7 x 7mm  - $38
These look really great stacked.  I've also folded them in half and layered them like the roof of a pagoda.

#10  9 pieces; 17 x 13mm average  - $25

#11  18 pieces; 54mm to 15mm  - $45
These were inspired by claws and talons - very tribal

#12  3 pieces; 2 with citrine, 1 with ruby - 12 x 8mm  - $10

#13  Raw apatite nugget with 3 raw diamonds
        25 x 15mm  - $34

#14  Raw apatite nugget with yogo sapphires
        19 x 24mm  - $34

#15  Raw apatite nugget with yogo sapphires
         22 x 22mm  - $38
click to see the 'non-skewed' image

#16  Yogo sapphires; 23 x 18mm  - $32

#17  Yogo sapphires; 43 x 10mm  - $36

#18  Faceted peridot; 39 x 11mm  - $32

So that's it.  I'm hoping this piques some curiosities out there.  I'd really love for these pieces to find new homes.  So tell your friends and neighbors and stock up on this rare opportunity to snag a deal on some KVK goodies.

with deep gratitude and many blessings - kvk
Kathy Van Kleeck3 Comments