kvk SALE update

WOW!  This has been great!  Thanks to everyone who's visited and a very special thank you to those who've helped to clear some space by buying up my little lovelies.  And an even more special thanks to the amazing Andrew Thornton for a very flattering and generous post to plug my little sale.

There are a few groups left, so I thought I'd re-post them.  I've also added an email link in the right column (duh, sorry, I can be a bit slow).  Just email me with which components you'd like and I'll send you a PayPal invoice.

#1  13 pieces; average size 20 x 5 mm  - $33
These are pretty hefty with lots of potential - woven together or multiple strand necklaces or bracelets???

#8  9 pieces; 17 x 15mm to 13 x 9mm  - $30
These were made from really chunky PMC slip and have a very distinctive look - very raw and earthy

#11  18 pieces; 54mm to 15mm  - $45
These were inspired by claws and talons - very tribal.  Some are lightly textured, a couple have soldered jump rings attached.

#15  Raw apatite nugget with yogo sapphires
         22 x 22mm  - $38
Yogo sapphires from Montana are just amazing and the apatite nugget is like a translucent arrowhead shard

#18  Faceted peridot; 39 x 11mm  - $32
I love the textures in this one - kind of urban organic.  It has a darker patina, but can be brightened up with a quick swipe of a 3M scrubby or steel wool or me, I just pop it into the tumbler.

Well that's it for now.  Thanks again to everyone for making my little sale an enormous success - in so many ways! 

with enormous gratitude and many blessings,
Kathy Van Kleeck1 Comment