darn - wish I hadn't done that

Off to a rousing start this morning ...
First thing, I am not, nor have I ever been, a morning person.  So the fact that I had to be at the mechanic first thing for an oil change was a bit of a challenge.  Fast lube they're not, so I hoofed it down to the bakery for coffee, a breakfast sandwich and the NYTimes.  Secondly, I don't drink a lot of coffee - copious amounts of black tea, yes ... coffee, no.  So two cups of coffee and an hour later, I headed back to the mechanic to wait a bit longer.  Finally, almost two hours later, and with a fine old coffee buzz (just don't get that from the tea), I was heading home to finish up a jewelry order. 

Thirdly, I'm one of those artists whose right and left brains are quite balanced, a gift actually.  That analytical side reigned supreme for many years, but these days I can call up either side at the appropriate time.  My little left brain keeps my studio organized, all my little bins of tiny tiny gems sorted into lovely colorways and combinations.  So, I'm thinking it was probably a combination of things.  That lingering coffee buzz, maybe the music was a bit too raucous.  Maybe it should have been Steve Tibbetts instead of Fever Ray.  Basically, I hadn't really settled down enough to focus.  I was pulling out a nice selection of gems to assemble a bracelet and, golly if I didn't press down just a bit too hard on that one plastic bin and send the better part of my citrine and andalucite spraying into my amethyst and rose tourmaline.
Darn ... wish I hadn't done that.
Deep breaths ...........
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