thinking and re-thinking

I'm thinking something needs to change.
I look in the mirror and think, I'm 55 (well almost) and I've got zits - wtf?
I drink 3 to 4 large mugs of black tea most every day.
My vegetable intake is less than ideal.
I try to remember to drink more water, but even when I've got a quart jar on my desk it tends to just sit there.
I get up in the morning, wash my face, make tea, eat a little something - lately a banana and some toasted almonds, sit down with tea at the 'puter, spend way more time than I planned reading email and surfing blogs.
I look at the yoga DVD sitting next to the tv and think, "I'd probably feel better if I'd do that."
As I sit down to the computer, I think, "my time would probably be better spent meditating for a bit."

So I've been looking at the Urban Zen site and reading a bunch of really excellent posts at WhiteHotTruth which lead me to this book and was immediately smitten with this blog and I'm thinking, "enough already!" 
If not now, when?

excuse me for a bit, I'm re-thinking a few things .........

blessings - kvk